A Simple Mud Pot Painting

 Decorate your interior with your creative work. Try this a mud pot painting. 
Enjoy crafting :)

Materials Used:
       * A mud pot.
       * Acrylic colors.
       * Metallic color tubes.
       * Painting brush.
       * Varnish.

         * If you try this first time, then you think simple and creative.
         * Choosing a colour combinations is also important.
         * Choose your favour colour and paint it to whole pot completely.
         * Paint flower shape on mud pot and give outline to flower shape using metallic colour tube.
         * Choose a contrast color for final touch(rough painting) to your pot. Like in the below image.
         * Finally, you can give a thin out coat of varnish, as your wish.

Make it yourself. Enjoy surfing Oviyams. Thanks for visiting.
Hope you like this.
Your suggestions and comments on this are very appreciated.

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